Learning with Keshet

A key value at Ramah Boston is inclusivity and belonging. As a part of our shvuah hachanah (staff week), we purposefully designed learning sessions for our tzevet (staff) to learn important information so all members of our community can feel valued. One training we were lucky to have included came from the organization Keshet, which works to provide LGBTQ+ education, resources, and programming in Jewish spaces.

A wonderful Keshet educator came to work with us to discuss significant topics including LGBTQ+ identities and ways to make our camp a space safe for all. Some examples our staff learned include using gender neutral terms to address large groups, the importance of using the correct pronouns, and how to positively respond when someone “comes out.” To learn more, check out Keshet’s resources on gender identity.

At the end of this powerful session, we received fun rainbow star of David stickers. We can’t wait to decorate our clipboards to show LGBTQ+ pride and belonging within our machaneh (camp)!