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Dear Ramah New England Community,

We are honored to be this year’s Ramah L’Kulam co-chairs. Ramah is an integral part of our family history. Our Ramah New England story extends through three generations: Judy’s father and aunt and Brian’s brothers attended Ramah; Judy was a long time camper and the two of us met when we were Palmer staff members; and our children, Kayla and Ian, began their own Ramah journeys in 2012 and 2017, respectively.

For each of us, Ramah has become a joyous Jewish extension of our family. It’s a magical place where our children have made lifelong friends, gained greater independence, and discovered a love of Judaism through the ruach that pervades every aspect of camp life. One memory that stands out is the Shabbat staff-camper softball game, when everyone at camp was b’yachad — together — cheering on friends and staff.

Our children, and thousands of others, have been transformed by the immense joy that they experience at camp. The Ramah camps in Palmer, DC and Boston provide young people with experiences that nourish them and energize them for the school year ahead.

In light of the recent challenges faced by our young people, it is more important than ever to increase the joy of the Ramah camp experience. This year, Ramah needs over $1M in philanthropic support to meet our campers’ needs. With your deep investment, Ramah can increase the joy for 1,500 campers in 2023:

● Let’s increase the joy to provide hundreds of campers with the $800,000 in scholarship aid that they will need.
● Let’s increase the joy to ensure all campers experience a sense of belonging and are fully supported.
● Let’s increase the joy to instill confidence through high-level outdoor experiences, sports and the arts.
● Let’s increase the joy on Shabbat, at tefilot, and through jubilant shira and rikud (song and dance).

We would be grateful if you would consider making a gift to Ramah New England. With your help, the sights and sounds of camp will envelop our campers with unparalleled joy.


Judy and Brian Liss
2023 Ramah L’Kulam Co-chairs

You may designate your donation for Ramah Day Camp Greater Boston. If Ramah is unable to use your donation for this purpose, it will be used where it is needed most and/or for general operating purposes.