Recycled Band Chug Makes Good Vibrations by Alex Shapiro, Rosh Tzad Aleph

Recycled Band has been an absolute hit this past week! Chanichim (campers) who signed up for the Recycled Band chug (elective) learned all about what makes an instrument an instrument. Then they got to work — trying to figure out what objects in the camp recycling bin made different sounds. 

Throughout the week they worked, some in pairs and some solo, to build their very own instruments. At the end of the week, before we welcomed Shabbat at our camp, our chanichim performed as a band with their new instruments. Danny, who created an instrument that was half microphone and half piano/guitar, said “so much fun! I want there to be more concerts!” Here’s a fun fact Danny shared: “anything can be an instrument if it creates sound through vibration.”

Categories: Boston Day Camp, Chugim