It’s A Party at Camp Ramah

At last night’s “Erev Sport” (Color War) our staff had a blast! One team clearly stole the show with their song. We hope Miley Cyrus doesn’t mind the creative license…

I hopped on the bus, on the way to camp,
with my counselors by my side..

welcome to the camp of fun and saftey,
am I gonna find a friend?

jumped of the bus here I am for the first time,
look to my right and I see the Ramah sign.

this is all so crazy,
every body seems so friendly!

my tummy’s tunnin’ and I’m feeling kinda homesick,
too many people and I’m nervous.

that’s when the counselors called me to rikud,
and the bakhlil song was on, and the zeben zeben song was on, and the Turkish kiss song was onn…

so I put hands up, i’m having so much fun,
the butter flies fly away.

I’m playing with my friends like yeah,
learning with el-a-zar like yeah,

I got my hands up, we’re swimming and playing sports,
This summer is gonna be so fun.

yeah yeah yeah it’s a party at camp ramah
yeah yeah yeah it’s a party at camp ramah