Camper Care

At Ramah, we pride ourselves on our commitment to creating a successful summer environment for each camper.  This commitment to “Camper Care” begins shortly after a family registers their child for camp for the first time and remains a strong priority for us throughout the summer.

After you register your child for their first summer at Ramah Day Camp, a member of our camper care team will schedule a phone conversation to learn more about them. Our goal is understanding how we can best nurture their growth and success at camp.  Occasionally, we may suggest an additional conversation with your child’s teacher, guidance counselor or therapist in order to develop additional support strategies. Our camper care team will gladly schedule a call with the families of returning campers as well.

Prior to camp, we work closely with each Rosh Edah (division head), Yoetz/et (parent liaison) and madrich/a (counselor) on camper support and care.  This team continues to meet throughout the summer to ensure that each child is having a positive camp experience, while maintaning clear and open communication with camp families.  Parents are given the names and email addresses of our Yoetzim at the beginning of the summer so that parents can contact a Senior Staff member with any concerns.  Our Yoetzim handle many kinds of inquiries – from a forgotten lunch to a swim level question to a social-emotional concern.  Families are also welcome to connect with Ramah Day Camp Director, Rabbi Rachel Silverman, at any time throughout the summer.

The attention we pay to every single camper and the systems we have in place to train and oversee our staff, allow us to ensure that every camper at Ramah feels safe and content.  If you have any questions about camper care, please contact Rabbi Silverman, Director.