The Tikvah Program

In continuing with Camp Ramah’s long tradition of inclusion in the Tikvah Program, Ramah Boston is committed to providing an inclusive Jewish summer camp experience. The Tikvah program was created in order to provide the magic of a Ramah summer in a supportive environment. Some of the campers who participate in the Tikvah program may have been characterized as having ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental and medical differences. Campers in the Tikvah program follow a regular camp schedule with support and accommodations as needed. They are immersed in a traditional Jewish summer camp experience side by side with their same-age peers. The Tikvah team works closely with all staff at camp and with families to identify a camper’s strengths and needs in order to ensure success for the camper.

Enrollment of campers in the Tikvah program is made on an individual basis to ensure that children can be successfully accommodated in the program. Accommodations vary based on the needs of the individual camper; one-on-one support may be provided when appropriate.

If you believe that your child will require support from our Tikvah program, please contact our director.