Jewish Life

At Ramah, Jewish values and practice inform all of our decisions. Our educational program will strengthen your child’s connection to Judaism and to the people, land, and state of Israel.

Campers join us with a variety of backgrounds in Jewish education, and our program is designed to help everyone feel instantly at home. Our education is deliberate and informal; Judaism is lived and learned through the arts, physical activity, and a comprehensive Hebrew environment.

camper_at_tableWe begin each meal and snack with a moment of mindfulness and bracha (blessing), and conclude with the singing of birkat hamazon (grace after meals), a cornerstone of the Jewish summer camp experience.

Daily morning tefillah (prayer service) familiarizes campers with the siddur (prayerbook) and jump-starts each day with feelings of gratitude, awareness, and wonderment, our values for a fulfilling Jewish life. Like all camp activities, our tefillah experience is engaging, passionate, musical and fun. In keeping with our values and affiliation with the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, all tefillah at Camp Ramah is fully egalitarian.

Camp Ramah is supervised by an ordained rabbi. All food provided is certified kosher.