Sha’ar – Hebrew Immersion Program

Sha’ar (S’fat Ivrit B’Ramah) is a Hebrew language immersion program at Ramah Day Camp Greater Boston.  Started at our sister camp, Ramah Nyack, and brought to Ramah DC in the summer of 2017, Sha’ar gives its participants an opportunity to gain proficiency in Hebrew as they participate in a myriad of activities—swim, sports, arts and crafts, and more.

Sha’ar campers are part of their edah (division) and participate in the same daily schedule, with few differences.  First, the madrichim (counselors) working with Sha’ar children speak only in Hebrew throughout the camp day.  The majority of the Sha’ar staff come from Israel, but several are American-born Hebrew speakers.  Second, during the edah’s Yahadut (Jewish learning) period, Sha’ar campers will participate in a special Hebrew activity.  These activities are hands-on and experiential, geared towards contextualizing the Hebrew they are hearing and speaking throughout the day. Additionally, while Sha’ar campers have chugim (electives) along with their peers, these campers have an option to participate in a Hebrew-led chug run by  Sha’ar madrichim. They will be running, playing, swimming, singing, and laughing along with their edah, just in Hebrew!

There is an added fee for the Sha’ar program that covers some of the added staff and programming expenses.  Please click here for our dates and rates.

The Sha’ar program at Ramah Day Camp is operated in collaboration with Kayitz Kef / Hebrew At Camp.